Wedding Coordination

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Coordination by Jill Atkinson

Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities

Includes the event package of your choice, as well as event day support that consists of, but is not limited to, the following:

Wedding rehearsal

♦ Complete facilitation of wedding rehearsal which includes instruction on usher seating, family seating, wedding party processional, ceremony, wedding party recessional, and family recessional.


♦ Liaisons with florist, photographer, videographer, musicians, soloists, minister, and ceremony participants upon arrival regarding specific duties and distributes event timelines to all wedding professionals
♦ Assists wedding party with pinning boutonnieres and corsages
♦ Assists families with pinning of boutonnieres and corsages
♦ Works with photographer to ensure that pre-ceremony pictures adhere to the predetermined event timeline
♦ Liaisons with program/guest book/gift attendants upon arrival regarding duties
♦ Liaisons with groomsmen and/or ushers regarding proper etiquette for guest seating and pre-seating of family and guests
♦ Cues pre-ceremony music
♦ Gathers all family and wedding party attendants and places them in line for formal processional of ceremony
♦ Ensures that maid and/or matron of honor has groom's ring and that bride has relocated engagement ring to right hand
♦ Ensures that best man has bride's ring
♦ Cues candle lighting by groomsmen and/or ushers
♦ Cues musicians and participants for family seating processional music
♦ Cues musicians and participants for wedding/bridal party processional music
♦ Cues musicians, bride, and escort for bride's ceremony processional
♦ Adjusts train and/or veil of bride upon entrance


♦ Works with photographer to ensure that post-ceremony pictures adhere to the predetermined event timeline
♦ Liaisons with guest book attendant to ensure that guest book, pen, toss bouquet, etc. are transferred to reception site
♦ Gather's any extra programs, unity candle, etc. from ceremony site


♦ Liaisons with caterer and reception entertainment and reviews script for announcements and reception activities
♦ Ensures that the reception site is set up properly and that the cake/s have arrived and are in place
♦ Liaisons with bride/groom/wedding party/family regarding announcement/s into reception, places them in line for announcements, and ensures that announcements go smoothly
♦ Coordinates all special dances with reception entertainment and all special dance participants
♦ Notifies caterer, photographer, videographer, reception entertainment, and all other appropriate wedding professionals of cake cutting
♦ Cues reception entertainers of cake cutting and toast announcement to guests
♦ Cues guests giving toasts
♦ Ensures that caterer prepares "going away" basket of food for bride and groom
♦ Gathers bags, food, etc. that will leave with the couple and ensures that they are placed in departure vehicle
♦ Displays favors/memorabilia to distribute to guests at the end of the event
♦ Ensures that photographer, videographer, and reception entertainment are prepared for couple's departure
♦ Works with reception entertainment to facilitate bouquet/garter toss and departure of couple


♦ Supervises collection of all gifts, bridal memorabilia and/or supplies (guest book and pen, cake knife or service, disposable cameras, baskets, bridal bouquet, centerpieces, extra programs, extra favors and memorabilia, etc.) and ensures that all items are loaded into "designated" vehicles


Thank you, I Look forward to making your day special, Beautiful and Fun!!

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